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RED STOP - Encapsulant for asbestos and lead.


RED STOP is an encapsulant for asbestos and lead.

ICC certified:

We have placed the Kratos Wall System before the International Code Council (ICC) for critical review.  We have received certification that the Kratos Wall System is in compliance with the 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Residential Code and the 1997 Uniform Building Code. The ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. has issued report ESR-1476 to support the certification of the Kratos Wall System.

The Kratos Wall System is the only stucco restoration system that is nationally and internationally certified by the International Code Council as being code compliance.

Click here for the ICC Report ESR-1476

Asbestos and Lead Problems - we can help.

If you have asbestos or lead problems - we can help.

Kratos Red Stop is an encapsulant for asbestos and lead and moisture.

Kratos Red Stop Liquid Water Barrier Coating:  The Kratos Red Stop Water Barrier Coating is a non-cementitious, flexible moisture barrier manufactured from 100 percent acrylic polymers and proprietary additives.

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